Thursday, February 13, 2014

Vintage Color Palettes: 1916 Winter/Spring Fashion

Hi there! Emily, again. 

This is the second post in a series of entries showcasing some of the color palettes I use when I am designing/daydreaming. It's fascinating to look at a series of images from the same year and see the similarities in colors.

This set comes from 1916, smack dab in the middle of WWI. You can see that, other than the fashion couture dresses on the ends, many of these dresses are all considerably more simplistic in their trimming than the entry I posted from post-war 1919. The dominant colors in many of the dresses I found from 1916 were blues and pale apricots, as I've depicted below.

The dresses on either end of the graphic are both designed by "Lucile", an English designer of high fashion also known as Lady Duff-Gordon. She is known for developing the "fashion parade" or a sort of early fashion show, and her highly trimmed dresses are really a sight to behold, even just via computer. (She also survived the Titanic sinking, and was booked for the MS Lusitania on its last, disastrous trip as well, but cancelled due to illness! Yikes!)

Be sure to check back soon for more vintage color palettes, as well as all sorts of fun here at Seven Magpies!