Saturday, January 4, 2014

Paper Ephemera: A Vintage Wintery Print

Today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite vintage prints in my collection! This was printed in 1946 and depicts Central Park ice skaters from 1862. It's the perfect wintery inspiration scene for all the snow we've been getting here in Michigan lately! Here's a detail with the publishing date and place, and a hardly readable description stating what the piece depicts.

I love the typography used by the publisher, the block letters make this perfectly adorable. Couldn't you just imagine living in 1946 and dreaming about the days it was 1862? It's almost the same difference as us dreaming about the days it was 1946!

The details in this print are fantastic. Overall it has a fairly soft look - almost like a watercolor wash was put over the ink! There has definitely been some careful attention paid to the clothing and people in the print, too. I love the little hat worn by the man in the yellow jacket and look at that woman being pushed in a sleigh-type chair! There are also quite a few people that have fallen flat on their butts - little details that give the print a very relaxed and fun feel.

The whimsical wintery details make this print even more enjoyable in my eyes - we get to see a 1940s perception of the perfectly terrible ice skaters of the 1860s.

Prints like these are some of my favorite vintage items, I love collecting and displaying them everywhere. Even though the wear and tear on this print is pretty visible, I think that it gives it a little extra character!

Do you have any vintage prints that look even further back in time?