Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Vintage Color Palettes: 1919 Silk Dresses

Hi there! Emily, here. 

I'm going to be posting a series of entries with some of the color palettes I use when I am designing/daydreaming. It's fascinating to look at a series of images from the same year and see the similarities in colors. Below is a set of colors I found repeatedly popping up in the dresses I found from 1919.

This was the time right after the end of WWI where women were able to indulge again, though in different ways. Heavily trimmed dresses were again in style and available, and light, airy fabrics like silk were available in all of the soft, effeminate, impractical colors of non-wartime. I love the use of champagnes and sages, and you can see by the snippets I've included of the original dresses that there was a renewed attention to detail in these beautiful gowns. 

I hope you enjoy this palette as much as I enjoyed researching and making it! I use these a lot when I am looking at fabric to order online. It helps keep me in the right family of colors so I don't buy anything that's too over-the-top. I've made plenty more of these palettes from nearly every era, and I'm sure they'll pop up somewhere in my future posts.

Do you refer to old photos or fashion plates for design help?