Friday, January 31, 2014

Vintage Photos: Mohair Child in the Snow

Do you ever wish you knew what color things were in old black and white photographs? I desperately want to know what color this child was decked out in, head-to-toe. Vibrant fuschia? Bright blue? I'm leaning toward crayon red, myself... That's the color I'd choose for such an outfit!  

This is "Nonah", a friend of my grandmothers, lookin' pretty spiffy in her winter woolens in the early 1920s!

I'm seriously feeling this photo, today. If I had a brushed mohair snowsuit, I'd be wearing it indoors! Our water heating pipes have been frozen for four days and we've been camping in the living room next to our wood stove. Brrr!

Edit: Pipes have thawed and nary a split/break in sight. Yay!

Stay warm!