Thursday, January 9, 2014

Vintage Decor: A Headboard of Sorts

I have entirely too many vintage items in my possession, so, to combat my habit, I am constantly looking for new ways to incorporate my pieces into things I actually am in need of. 
One example of this is a vintage (or vintage inspired?) Japanese wall screen I found a few years ago at a consignment store. (I apologize for the photo quality; this thing is impossible to shoot!) Unfortunately, like some of my other items, its origins are completely unknown. I have no idea how vintage this piece is or if it's simply vintage-inspired! The wall screen is in four separate pieces and about 4.5 ft wide by 3 ft tall and 1 inch deep! It's made of wood and incredibly heavy - this and its areas of wear point to it being at least a little bit aged! I feel that I have to mention the fantastic pros for shopping at consignment stores; I got this entire screen for 60 bucks (that's only $15 per board!)! It was a total steal.

When I got it home I of course had absolutely no idea what to do with it, but, after a good talk with my design consultant (my mom) we decided to put it to use as a makeshift headboard. This is a great solution for me especially because I've never been a fan of the traditional headboard (a completely irrational dislike, might I add!). Although the screen is definitely placed too high to be considered a real headboard, it serves its purpose and is the perfect substitute for my anti-headboard self!

Substituting a giant piece of art for a headboard makes all too much sense to me as a student of art history. It adds a ton of extra visual interest and is the perfect statement piece! 

The wall screen has some great details: each colored part is first carved into the wood piece and then painted. The reflective faux gold foil background grabs your eye and pulls you in to the beautifully coupled birds. There are intricate metal tabs (barely visible in the photo) at the top of each board. It's all really quite stunning!

Pieces like this are what I feel really make vintage design work. Do you have any vintage (or vintage inspired) pieces that you've used in different ways than expected?