Sunday, December 29, 2013

An Introduction: Ashley Webb, Cheesemonger & Food Enthusiast

    Hi. I'm Ashley, a fellow author on Seven Magpies and I love cheese. No really.  Cheese, it's what I do.  As a both a working Cheesemonger and writer at The Board and Wire I have a serious love for all things curdy and delicous.  But that's not my only passion.
    Sewing, eating, embroidery, history of all stripes, archery, eating, running, tea, cooking, eating...I think you can spot a trend here.  I am a lady of many interests. 
    On any given day my humble dwelling, that I share with Ian my Husband-To-Be, is strewn with everything from embroidery floss to light boxes for photo shoots to a fine dusting of flour.  You can expect that from besides writing about the joys of slowly rotting fermented milk I will also present all types of cookery and its ilk.  Though one way or another everything does come back to my first love, artisanal cheese. 
    I never expected to set my career path to food.  I have no stories of "I've known this is what I was meant to do since I was in vitro".  Becoming a Cheesemonger by trade was a series of happy accidents and opportunities grabbed by the tail.  Thus I write, think, eat, research, and dream about cheese. 
    More mundanely I am a Detroiter by birth (I've known Seven Magpies author Emily
Jenkins since we were awkward middle schoolers)  but currently make my home in the Denver metro area, near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  Everyday I look out my window I am grateful to live in such a scenic and sunny (avg 300 days a year!) state.  My mountain lust is pretty strong, hence the Fiance and I get out hiking as often as we can.  Which is to say the almost absurdly good weather gives us many opportunities.  I will do my best, dear readers, to also bring you tid bits of awesome from the Mile High City.  We've got a treasure trove of neat-o stuff that I'd love to share with you all.
    Oh, and one more thing.  I get to see these lovely black and white birds with long jaunty tails every single day here on the Front Range.  We call them Magpies, for that is what they are.  And yes, they do love to hoard sparkly things.