Saturday, December 21, 2013

An Introduction: Ellen Cope, Student and Vintage Fiend

Hello all! My name is Ellen Cope, and I am very excited to be an author here at Seven Magpies! What follows is an introduction of sorts that I hope can lead to many more hellos.

When I turned seventeen I was finally able to fit into my grandma's long saved dresses from the fifties and sixties - you can only imagine how quickly that basement was raided. Each and every dress I tried on had a story that made me love it even more: whether it was inspired by Jackie O or my grandma wore it to work in Detroit as a young lady. I spent the entire day with her and my mother going through dress after dress after dress - all of which, of course, were completely unfamiliar to what my friends wore at the time (all black everything). This just made them all too perfect!

I currently am still inspired by items that know more than I do. I study Art History focusing on Medieval and Early Modern Studies at the University of Michigan and collect entirely too many vintage books, pieces of art, and tchotchkes (I had no idea tchotchkes was spelled like that until I Googled it). I co-own and train a fantastic horse named Caspian with Emily here at Seven Magpies and teach a class at the university to fund my money sucking hobbies. I also have two very fat cats that I absolutely adore (and might pop up in the background of a picture or three)!

You'll hopefully be seeing some bits on vintage (and vintage inspired) fashion, decor, old family photos, and maybe a crafting project or two out of me. I am so excited to start building this journal of vintage inspiration and enthusiasm and hope you will join us!

- Ellen