Monday, December 23, 2013

Paper Ephemera: A Late Sixties Baking Guide

About a year ago I was exploring some old papers and photographs with my grandma when we came across a baking guide for making Cut-Up Cakes for celebrations. This little booklet is dated 1969 and is perfect for baker and non baker alike. (And I practically squealed when I first saw it!)

At first glance, I was completely struck by the typeset and cover design, the colors and bold patterns set the pamphlet back in time and made it the object of my envy. Even the design pun titling it "Cut-Ups!!" with a cut out first page made me giggle. The cake names will get you too - we have Cannonball Express, Honey Bunny and, my personal favorite, Turkey-Lurkey. While I've never been a huge baker, every time I flip through this pamphlet I am completely desperate to make one! 
The Cuckoo appeals 'specially to young
and middle-aged children!

The pamphlet is full of puns in its attempt to get you interested and, of course, show you just how mature a Cut-Up Cake can be. As the pamphlet says: a Cut-Up Cake turns an ordinary occasion into a super celebration! These little bits of added personality totally get me because they're just about as cheesy as I am.

I've included a few pictures of my favorite cakes - they all have whimsical details and neat little explanations. But I am in love with this "zany" cuckoo (even if it does far exceed my very sad baking skills). It even includes a cloud of dust and vaguely reminds me of the famous Road Runner! I can just imagine how excited I would be if my parents pulled one of these out for my birthday party as a child.

My second favorite out of the bunch is this mildly creepy hot air balloon that includes its own set of miniature dolls! I love the little licorice details in the balloon - the strings are just so clever.

I have yet to try any of these cakes yet - there are eighteen of them here! I am hoping to take a stab at one next time I am feeling adventurous in the kitchen. 

Has anyone else seen baking pamphlets similar to this one? It seems like it may have been a kitchen staple or mailed out in bulk.
Make sure to stay tuned to see some of my vintage baking mishaps and other findings! 

- Ellen