Friday, December 20, 2013

An Introduction: Emily Jenkins, Historic Homesteader

Well, we've got to start some place!

Hello there! I'm Emily, from Tanglewood Farm and I'm one of the authors here at Seven Magpies. I figured I'd pop in and give a little introduction to help break the ice a bit.

I've been obsessed with the past since I was a little girl. One of my most fond memories is of standing in the stiflingly hot attic of my grandparents' house, the air thick and smelling of molds and rat poison (don't EVER touch the green pellets - this was a lesson lodged very firmly in my mind from the time I could comprehend it), and ogling at my grandmother's old hats, cursing the fact that I was born with a big head. Her beautiful antique hats were so tiny, as she was a petite woman, and her tastes were impeccable. Among her hats was a gorgeous deep salmon colored number – something between a pillbox and a beret – that she later let me have, along with a wool tricorn hat that she'd purchased in historical Williamsburg when she was younger.

I feel like I've been brought up with a healthy respect for all things bygone. My parents weren't necessarily vintage-inspired or antique-crazed, but they taught me to love music from all eras, and to appreciate books old and new. They took me to museums of all sorts and they always expected a sort of quiet appreciation of antique objects. They really instilled in me a sort of awe and imagination that is fed by things with age.

Currently I am living in a 19th century stone cottage that we believe is the original servants' quarters to the large historical estate that lies next door. I live here with my husband and a plethora of farm animals including a small flock of Icelandic sheep, three horses, some heritage breed ducks and chickens, one very ugly turkey and our two dogs and cat. We live as much "off the land" as we can, here, and I hope to bring not only my love for vintage fashion/style to the blog but also my knowledge of and passion for old fashioned Craft and skills.

As a hobby, I take old neglected antique clothing and draft patterns, often remaking them in durable, wearable condition. I also have a habit of collecting (who doesn't?) and I have a beautiful collection of antique fabrics that I have been known to pull out simply to daydream of potential uses.

I am a seamstress, a shepherdess, a baker, a reader, a dreamer and a maker, and I am so, so happy to be here writing for you. I hope I can share my experiences with you to help kindle your imagination and passion for all things bygone-inspired!